Barcelona Eixample

Since our founder, Mr Maximilian Berlitz, opened the first school in 1878, millions of students have learned languages worldwide using the Berlitz Method®. Students from all walks of life and ages have studied with us, from university students to business people, from artists and actors, singers and even Kings. In fact, if we look hard, we'll see that in one of the photos of our center, there´s a Spanish King from the beginning of the twentieth century.

Barcelona Eixample, where modernist architecture meets Spanish flair
Long opening hours in the Berlitz Center of Eixample

The Berlitz Center in Right Eixample is open from 08.00 to 21.30 from Monday to Fridays. Berlitz Eixample currently offer courses in English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Catalan. A wider selection of languages (Chinese, Russian, Polish etc) is also available upon request.

Barcelona Diagonal L'Illa
Berlitz in the center of modernist achitecture

This new locationat the heart of Barcelona responds to the need to be nearer people. In our comfortable and welcoming facilities all our staff share the same passion for teaching as our founders, based on the saying: "Loqui loquendi discitur" ("Speaking is learnt through speaking").

In Berlitz we believe that learning a language should be an unique experience.


Berlitz at a glance:

Language training for Kids, Teens, and Adults, as well as language, intercultural and business solutions for corporate clients

Berlitz offers courses in a wide range of languages and at every level of proficiency. Our instructors are native speakers and content used in class is designed specifically to meet your specific goals. You can either choose to have individual lessons with a private trainer or participate in group lessons. You also have the option of attending your lessons via the Berlitz Virtual Classroom, allowing you even greater flexibility. What's more Berlitz organizes in-house corporate business lessons held right in your premisess.

Berlitz also offers several fun language courses and camps for kids and young adults, making it a place the entire family can enjoy. The Berlitz Method® is employed in each and every Berlitz course, seminar and camp, guaranteeing complete immersion in the target language. Whether you are looking to improve your ability to speak a foreign language for personal or professional reasons, the "Barcelona Eixample" Berlitz center is the ideal partner in pursuing those goals. Contact the center today to find out more about courses and intercultural and business solutions for corporate clients.

Learn to speak a foreign language using the Berlitz Method®

No matter which course or seminar you attend, the trainers at the "Barcelona Eixample" Berlitz language center immerse you in the new target language, significantly reducing the amount of time it will take you to increase your proficiency and confidence. Berlitz has courses in a wide range of languages and levels, and course content is tailored to the specific needs of the students.

Telephone Instruction

Our telephone course gives you the opportunity to have lessons with a private trainer no matter where you are in the world. All you have to do is reserve your lesson, inform your location and answer the phone, making this a highly flexible and valuable option for busy professionals.

Subsidize your Language Courses

Did you know that all Spanish companies hold a corporate training credit? Through the “Fundación Tripartita” program, part of the monthly contributions your company pays can be recovered to finance employees’ trainings.

In-School Courses/ APA

Berlitz has vast experience in implementing language programs in public, subsidized and private schools. We teach young learners of all ages, from Pre-School, Primary School or Secondary School (ESO and Baccalaureate).