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The Cultural Orientations Indicator® (C.O.I.) is an online evaluation tool that positions your individual cultural profile in the professional context. The results of the C.O.I. help you to overcome cultural differences and work better with international colleagues and associates. Your C.O.I. profile covers 3 dimensions; interaction style, thinking style and sense of self. 

Results are immediate for each dimension in an easy-to-understand report and include the following:

  • Overall vision of the common cultural challenges with recommendations on how to resolve them.
  • Example scenarios based on real interactions at work
  • Comparisons of individual results with country results to identify the cultural differences and similarities
  • Internal options so that individuals can compare their results with those of their organization, responsibilities and teams, in order to identify gaps and tackle them appropriately
  • Recommendations for training programmes, activities and resources based on the cultural preferences of the individual. 

The evaluation and the C.O.I. report are valuable tools that can be used to rectify cultural gaps, which leads to stronger business relationships and successful initiatives.

The C.O.I. is available in more than ten languages and it has been used by more than fifteen thousand individuals. The profile of the C.O.I. can be compared to profiles of other team members and that of 55 country profiles.

Cultural Orientations Indicator® is a trademark of Training Management Corporation (TMC), A Berlitz Company.


Our cultural footprint largely determines our thoughts and actions. It influences our communication, how we treat people, our management style, our understanding of power and our sense of time. The risk of misunderstandings in an international work environment is, consequently, high.

With this online platform, www.culturalnavigator.com you will be able to analyse your cultural preferences, correctly interpret intercultural situations and act successfully in the international arena.

Platform characteristics:

  • The specific content of your company can be incorporated easily and can also be adjusted to your corporate identity
  • Personalised user experience connects to other users with the most relevant content for their business needs.
  • The Cultural Orientations Indicator (COI) identifies cultural preferences and their impact on the user´s work
  • The personalized search options allow users to connect quickly with colleagues and follow experts in the subject.
  • Access to exclusive content and specific characteristics of an organization.
  • Integrates the user´s organizational information  and their learning initiatives
  • Optimized for smartphones and tablets

The Cultural Navigator: personalized and rewarding benefits

The Cultural Navigator is designed to integrate talent management tools and facilitate a learning experience. The user interface can be easily personalized to the specific needs of an individual. The users are guided to areas that prioritize global strategies to improve performance and increase cultural agility.




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