• Tailored material to suit your company's needs

Speak the Language of Business

and increase your company’s performance

Berlitz provides you with highly specialized training programs designed to make your employees confident when preparing for professional missions. Our materials, developed in-house, and our team of professional teachers are prepared to address your needs for fast, on-target and effective business communication.

Specialized training for increased performance

All training materials are tailored to the job profile of your employees and our team of instructors have solid experience in the business world. The objective is that learners quickly perform daily business tasks in their specific professional field.

Flexibility in all the aspects of the training program

We offer you a large choice of training formats so the courses are easily integrated into your busy employee’s schedules as well as in your company’s budget. Courses are available in-company, in one of our language centers or via our innovative virtual platforms.

For one or for many, we take care of everything

Berlitz is committed to delivering the same level of service and quality for all your training initiatives. Should it be for one single trainee or for larger populations, you will benefit from a single point of contact who will help you manage everything from start to finish.

Berlitz speaks the language of business and understands your corporate needs. We can offer your company flexible, innovative and effective training plans no other competitor can match. The results will be seen in your employees’ skills and in the business results of your company. For more information on our Corporate Training Solutions, contact a Berlitz consultant today.


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