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In-School Courses/ APA

Elementary and High School

Berlitz has vast experience in implementing language programs in public, subsidized and private schools. We teach young learners of all ages, from Pre-School, Primary School or Secondary School (ESO and Baccalaureate). Our Kids &Teens representatives attend Parents’ Association meetings to advise and answer parents’ their questions, taking their suggestions into consideration for course plans.

Registration and Quality Control

Parents can download our PDF enrollment forms easily, directly from the school website. Berlitz handles all the Placement Tests and assigns students to a group based on their age and test results. The Berlitz trainers receive lesson observations and instruction on each group by the Head of Studies. Every semester, pedagogical reports are sent to families by e-mail. At the end of the course, students take a final exam and we issue a report that includes their overall grade.

The Berlitz Method®

During the first learning stages, the content of the classes focuses on acquiring basic vocabulary and simple phrases in the foreign language. Since all grammatical rules are introduced and practiced rigorously, each structure helps to build up to the next one. To further strengthen their language skills, structures they have already acquired are reviewed and combined with others. In this way, their development of vocabulary and phrases is significant and useful in practice.

Contact our Kids & Teens department and find out how Berlitz can help you implement effective language programs at schools by email at info@berlitz.es.


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