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At Berlitz we understand that successful communication in today's global economy goes beyond foreign language skills. Your employees on international missions need to understand different cultures, their values and business practices in every detail and interpret them correctly. Our solutions for Intercultural Training offer you:

Content tailored to your company’s global objectives
  • Analysis of trainees’ individual communication and behavior styles with the help of the Berlitz Style Assessment Tool (BSAT)
  • Access to up-to-date and customized training material focused on your target countries thanks to our network of experts
  • Follow-up support after the training is complete

Certified intercultural consultants

With more than 300 consultants worldwide Berlitz has one of the largest networks of certified professionals in Intercultural Training. They have years of experience living and working abroad and are experts in global talent management trainings.

Comprehensive portfolio for global communication

Our intercultural courses cover multiple goals and are designed to improve global communication competencies inside corporations. For maximum performance, they can be combined with any language course in our Berlitz portfolio. 

Thanks to Berlitz Intercultural Trainings your company can be better prepared to face the challenges that threaten the success of your international assignments.

Thanks to our global footprint, the proven effectiveness of our teaching method, and our quality control procedure, we can ensure effective learning and guarantee the ROI of your training initiatives. For more information on our Corporate Training Solutions, contact a Berlitz consultant today.


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