Reimburse your Language Courses

Did you know that all Spanish companies hold a corporate training credit? Through the "Fundación Estatal para la Formación en el Empleo” program, part of the monthly contributions your company pays can be recovered to finance employees’ trainings.

What is your corporate training credit?

Each company’s credit is calculated annually and cannot be cumulated, which means you have 12 months to benefit from this opportunity to finance your corporate training. The Berlitz consultants can assist you in finding it out. We only need your company's Legal Representative´s agreement to gather legal information and check how much credit your company holds and how it can be spent on language training for your employees.

How can Berlitz assist you?

If few companies actually use this program today, one of the main reasons is certainly the laborious processes associated, a hassle especially for small and medium enterprises. Berlitz can help you in those processes and will take care of all the administrative process imposed by Law, allowing you to benefit from their corporate training credit program.

Why choose Berlitz as a partner?

We will go one step further in helping your company implement your subsidized courses. Our expert consultants will also assist you in the following processes:

  • Creation of course plans
  • Preparation of official documents
  • Pedagogical and administrative monitoring
  • Calculation of the amount of subsidy
  • Closing the courses and delivery of all official documents

How much corporate training credit does my company hold?

To get free consultation and find out how much credit your company holds, please send  the following form with your company’s data to


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