• Develop the necessary skills to work in a global business environment

Training in Professional Skills

Knowledge of a foreign language is often not enough to work in the current international market. Global challenges can only be surmounted with highly developed management and leadership skills and a strong background in intercultural experience. 

To complement our language training, we offer courses to widen your intercultural, management and leadership skills. Consequently, it is easy to incorporate these acquired skills in your company. The highly active teaching method, practical course content which is adapted to your needs and the flexibility of the different training formats all contribute to the success of these courses.

Business seminars

Our seminars take place over the course of one day or longer, depending on the chosen content and number of participants in the group.

More than forty topics, for example; Working in Virtual Teams, Leading Change Processes or Successful Management. These seminars are given in English with specific material and by tutors who are specialized in business.

You will receive exclusive training which is highly effective and is adapted to the specific needs of your company. The pedagogical success is supported by our own practical case studies and the inclusion of technical terminology.

You can choose the topic, place and time of the seminar. 


Our Shorties are the ideal way to promote fresh enthusiasm and motivation or to handle a complex issue. Primarily, the content is focused on business practices and can be applied immediately to your daily work. All our Shorties are given in English. The pedagogical success is supported by the inclusion of technical terminology.

Shorties are four hours long and the topics on offer are the same as those of the Business Seminars. 


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